Ford cobra coloring pages

Published at Wednesday, 20 May 2020.

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The 1993 Cobra R was the first of three Cobra R models produced, and it was an extremely exclusive vehicle. :62 As the “R” designation in its name stood for “Race”, the car did not have a radio, speakers, wiring and antenna, air conditioner, foglights, sound deadener, rear seat, rear safety belts, rear carpeting, and roll-up cargo cover, among other items. :62 There were no power options; the car had power steering, roll-up windows, manual door locks, and manual-adjustable mirrors. :62 Also, manually-adjustable Opal Gray cloth bucket seats from the Mustang LX were lighter than the GT/Cobra sport seats, and a piece of thin gray carpeting secured by Velcro covered the bare hatch and rear seat area. :64 The deletion of all this equipment shed some 450 pounds, but it was somewhat offset by the necessary addition of heavy-duty hardware to enable the car to handle the rigors of competition. :64